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We pride ourselves in offering our students a personalized curriculum from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Our Curriculum is 100% online with live teacher support.

Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade receive  workbooks for reading, writing and sight words to use during their live class sessions.  Students will receive math manipulatives to help them have more hands on learning with their personalized math curriculum.



Because our curriculum is personalized, students are challenged but not frustrated. Each student works at his or her level to complete assignments in the core academic areas. If your child finishes a program of study early, he or she may be moved to begin a higher grade level and start working through that curriculum.

We encourage critical thinking and peer motivation during our weekly check-in discussions with students. We help our students to set goals and work towards achieving those goals each week.

We believe in our students and we believe in the personal attention they deserve and receive at Dream Tech Academy.

Elementary Curriculum

Beginning in Kindergarten up to 5th grade, students will complete their core content online through a personalized learning path.


Kindergarten and 1st Graders will receive live reading lessons up to three times per week. These students will have Reading Homework Assignment to be completed on days when they do not have live classes. 

All students receive weekly live check-ins in small group and/or one-one sessions depending on their needs.

All Elementary Students will take a Math, Reading, Science and History course. Reading courses include phonics, grammar and writing. 

Students will work on their personalized path throughout the year. They are re-evaluated mid & end of year to show growth.

Middle & High School Curriculum

Our Middle & High Schoolers will take their courses online following their personalized learning path. Similar to our Elementary School students, middle and high schoolers participate in weekly small group and/or one to one sessions to keep them on track and progress towards their academic goals.

Live Classes are scheduled for a variety of reasons. Teachers may want to check in on an individual student or a few students on a specific day of the week. Teachers may want to provide additional instruction on a skill that the student may be struggling with. Or maybe the teacher would like to discuss with the student and parent the option of moving up a level to provide a more rigorous academic experience.  Our live sessions are meaningful and purposeful.

Class Schedules are flexible as each family is different. Families have the option of working short or long days depending on the student. Assignments are typically due by Friday.

Middle and High Schoolers are enrolled in Math, English, Science, History, Communication and Physical Education Classes. Electives may be added throughout the year as they become available to students.


Our students will...

  • Distinguish between facts and opinions in text and life

  • Read for understanding

  • Evaluate information for what they are and are not

  • Analyze and Critique Information

  • Measure and achieve set goals

  • Execute plans with inspiration and motivation

  • Respect themselves and others

  • See pathways not barriers

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